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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Larry Winget, author and business speaker, with a focus in personal development and self-help. In addition, Winget is a frequent business contributor on Fox News & Fox Business as well as MSNBC.

You will learn:
4:26 – Inspiration behind Winget’s new political audio series.
7:50 – It’s important to appreciate what you do enough to cancel out the negative aspects of work.
7:57 – Everyone in business today loves something about what they do, which may only make up 10 percent of what they actually do.
8:07 – You need to love the 10 percent enough to be willing to put up with the other 90 percent that you may not like at all.
9:36 – Who’s to blame for this concept of political correctness in the workplace?
9:57 – Businesses today are compromising core values and no longer willing to take a stand for fear of hurt feelings. This leads the way for people to be easily offended.
12:45 – Winget’s presentations deal with how to become better people. Business gets better when the people in the business get better.
12:53 – It’s important for people to take responsibility and learn to be more flexible.
15:01 – How can people be more authentic and true to themselves at work?
15:06 – It starts with clarity in what you believe in.
15:49 – When you establish clear values in your own personal life, it makes it easy to decide what you will put up with and what you won’t put up with.
19:21 – Motivating people to do better starts with stating a harsh reality.

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