how well is your organization appealing to millennial workers? [podcast]

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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with AJ Agrawal, CEO of Alumnify. In addition, Agrawal is a writer for a variety of business outlets including: Forbes, Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, Huffington Post and Wall Street Journal.

You will learn:
4:07 – The importance of not only pageviews, but how they affect different groups of readership.
5:25 – True passions can be seen in personal writing.
6:00 – Great writing comes from constant learning.
7:24 – What’s more important for businesses to know—current trends or principles?
8:01 – The importance of providing value for readers.
9:19 – The best trends you can find are the ones no one knows about.
11:45 – Millennials are a generation of trying new things and will have their own leaders and heroes.
12:47 – What Alumnify is and its impact with marketing trends.
13:27 – Millennial engagement is different compared to other generations.
16:06 – What do Millennials want from the workplace?
16:18 – Three factors: Millennials are collaborative, need leadership opportunities and thrive in a company culture that takes risks.

Links and Resources Mentioned:
Learn more and connect with AJ Agrawal

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Learn more about: Alumnify

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