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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks again with Tim Sanders, a best-selling author and conference keynote speaker. Previously, Sanders was the CEO of tech startup Net Minds and Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo. Sanders’ new book, “Dealstorming” comes out later this month.

You will learn:

3:48 – Is everyone a sales person within an organization?

5:00 – If you’re a business to business company, you are a sales driven company. As an enterprise, you have the ability to create large relationships with other companies.

5:18 – Sales innovation is as much as a company-wide issue as product innovation with companies.

7:04 – Is it hard for departments within an organization to collaborate?

7:44 – Collaboration’s original meaning was “to confer with the enemy.”

8:16 – How sales departments struggle with collaboration and how they can better implement it.

10:31 – What the “collaborative rule of 4 or more” is

13:48 – Where did the idea of “Dealstorming” come from?

17:27 – The goal of collaboration is to improve the insights, to improve the quality and quantity of insights around a specific challenge.

19:14 – How can organizations benefit from department collaboration?

19:18 – 7 Steps: 1. Talk about the process 2. Organize teams 3. Prepare teams 4. Convene 5. Execute promises made in the meeting 6. Analyze the results and determine next steps 7. Report results regularly and escalate innovation.

23:50 – Is there more or less collaboration within the workplace?

24:20 – The complexity of collaboration has increased dramatically.

25:40 – Collaboration is the secret weapon.

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