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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Tom Stockham, CEO of Experticity, an organization that helps brands and retailers influence the conversations that influence what people buy. Previously, Stockham was President at and as well as Director at Spark Networks.

You will learn:
4:09 – Where Stockham’s career has led him and what the company Experticity does.
5:03 – The advertising industry is changing and consumers are getting really good at avoiding and ignoring advertisements.
5:42 – What you really want is to find the kind of trusted individual who loves the things they do.
6:32 – Stockham’s definition of zombies.
6:38 – We’ve sucked the life out of good buying decisions.
8:33 – We’ve left behind the passion and the enthusiasm and we’ve left behind these people, the experts and enthusiasts.
9:48 – Does the automation trend reach to other industries besides retail?
9:58 – This automation happens because of technology innovations and the idea of efficiency.
10:12 – Don’t leave the passion, the judgement and enthusiasm behind and don’t think that the only way to capture it is just inside a store or inside some kind of system you built.
11:10 – Are experts more expensive?
12:15 – Experts drive more value.
14:25 – There are certain people out there that not only engage in that information, but will rise to the occasion and give better information than a Google search would.
15:34 – How Experticity builds expertise with clients.
17:01 – How brands can benefit from experts within their industry.

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