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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Joel Bishop, Manager of Speaking and Training at O.C. Tanner.

You will learn:
2:16 – What Bishop does at O.C. Tanner.
2:32 – What the O.C. Tanner Institute is.
4:30 – Bishop’s trip to Peru and the Nazca lines history.
12:37 – How long does it take for appreciation to change a company culture?
13:55 – It’s an individual journey for each organization.
14:28 – The change, or shift that we’re talking about takes some time, but organizations need to put some structure in place.
15:19 – What does it mean for a person’s work to be recognized?
17:27 – The importance of recognizing someone doing their job well.
17:48 – Regardless of whether it’s a simple thank you or whether it’s a reward..recognition has an impact on a human and real level.
18:04 – When humans are impacted, they impact their teams, impact the work produced and impact the organization overall.
20:14 – Key appreciation strategies include: 1. Encouraging effort 2. Rewarding results 3. Celebrating careers. These strategies also naturally recur.
27:15 – Important for leaders to recognize great work.
28:10 – If you want results, leaders need to make sure their people know they matter.

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Learn more and connect with Joel Bishop

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Learn more about: O.C Tanner

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