nely galán: telemundo’s former president of entertainment

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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks again with Nely Galán, Emmy winning producer of over 600 episodes of TV, in both spanish and english. In addition, Galán has had stints in print journalism and as an on-air correspondent with CBS and E! Entertainment. She also became the first Latina president of a television network in the U.S. with Telemundo.

You will learn:
4:03 – Galán on a false sense of job security within her career.
4:50 – America has an unrealistic notion about being taken care of by greater forces.
7:15 – Advantages of thinking like an owner within your job.
8:15 – What does the concept of ownership mean to employees?
8:29 – When you think of yourself as self made, the connotation is that you’re working on yourself inside out. . .Becoming self made is a mindset shift, working towards something.
8:58 – Thinking like an owner means that you care, you watch where the money is being spent and observant of where the holes are—what problems haven’t been solved.
11:18 – The importance of teaching kids at an early age about problem solving and what they can do in order to become a self made person.
12:40 – Everyone grows up with pain points…but in all those pains, there is profit. You are an expert in the market that you have the pain in and you can serve that market and that’s your starting point.
13:56 – More about Galán’s new book, “Self Made.”
16:38 – The importance of how to become more self made, one hour a week.
17:24 – What is the ownership learning process for individuals?
20:40 – Entrepreneurship can take on many forms, not just for the creative types.
24:09 – Importance of having a big vision for your life and making sacrifices earlier on so you can reap the benefits later on in life.
24: 46 – How can an entrepreneurial mindset help someone within their career?

Links and Resources Mentioned:
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