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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Dennis Koutoudis, CEO and founder of LinkedSuperPowers. Koutoudis is an internationally recognized LinkedIn profile makeover specialist.

You will learn:
4:04 – What the value of social media is in the business industry.
4:37 – Recruiting has changed thanks to social media.
6:50 – If you don’t exist on social media…you don’t exist at all. Social media is the new social proof.
9:05 – What should we be posting on all of our social sites?
9:21 – Important to not talk about yourself all the time on social media.
9:32 – Ask yourself: What would future employers think of this? What would future customers think of this?
10:50 – How important is it to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date?
12:25 – Common mistakes people make with their LinkedIn profiles.
13:50 – With new LinkedIn profiles created daily, being handpicked in your professional field can become very challenging.
14:42 – Who should you link and not link to?
15:10 – Don’t blindly send out requests to grow your network.
16:26 – What two pieces of advice would you give users to do tonight to their LinkedIn profiles?
16:30 – First take a closer look at your LinkedIn profile, and ask yourself: Have you fully completed your LinkedIn profile? Have you crafted your profile in a professional way? Have you insured that your LinkedIn profile is fully optimized? Do you present yourself in a unique way online?
16:57 – Second piece of advice is to find your target prospects and connect with them through an introduction or other connection you have as well as becoming a member of the groups they are associated with.
17:33 – The importance of LinkedIn search engine optimization.

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