[podcast] beth thornton on loving what you do and influencing greatness

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    In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with O.C. Tanner’s very own Beth Thornton, Executive Vice President, Sales & Business Development. Beth has been with O.C. Tanner for over two decades and has an incredible depth of experience in sales and management. Beth Thornton talks about loving what you do and inspiring greatness in others.

    You will learn:
    4:59 – What did Beth do before she joined O.C. Tanner?
    5:34 – What does Beth do at O.C. Tanner?
    6:03 – The difference between what you do and why you do it
    6:37 – Why Beth’s job is much more than just sales
    7:51 – What “caring” really means
    8:47 – How to love what you do and influence greatness
    9:31 – “Research reveals that people who see their work being received and appreciated are 17 times more likely to become passionate about their work than those who don’t see their work being received.”
    10:30 – Why Beth loves what she does
    10:49 – Advice to managers who want to help their people become passionate
    11:37 – Learn how to connect with Beth

    Links and Resources Mentioned:
    Learn more and connect with Beth Thornton
    | LinkedIn |

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    Carol Bayliss

    Very well spoken, Beth. We laugh about the difficulty in defining the goals at OCT, then you explain it so succinctly. I wish I’d heard you say that 20 years ago so I could have answered so eloquently. Great company, great leadership, great insight, great people that can show other industries how to have those qualities.

    December 16, 2016   |   Reply

    About 1970 I was awarded a 35 year service ring from central maine power co.edison drive augusta Me. is a copy of this ring still available? price?

    January 11, 2017   |   Reply
    ty nilsson

    Hello Harold, the best place to start would be to complete our customer support form on this page: http://www.octanner.com/customer-support/contact-customer-service-form.html.

    January 13, 2017   |   Reply
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