podcast: brenda hardesty and sue baechler on their board game that helps form actionable business strategies

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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Brenda Hardesty and Sue Baechler on their innovative game entitled All In. The game teaches teams how to formulate a business strategy and put it into action. Learn how the edu-game industry is growing and how top organizations are already using games to get better work done.

You will learn:
0:24 – The “best QB in the NFL” analogy
3:21 – The “why” behind Brenda Hardesty and Sue Baechler’s creation of the All In boardgame
4:08 – “Your organization’s biggest challenge isn’t strategic thinking, it’s strategic acting.”
-Peter Bregman
5:09 – How Sue Baechler discovered the learning advantage of gameplay
7:22 – How Sue and Brenda came together to put the idea of strategy into a game
10:05 – “What I loved about Brenda’s workshop concept was that it transformed strategy implementation from getting ‘buy in’ (head nods) to getting everyone ‘all in’ (head, heart and feet). We named it All In for its intended outcomes – everybody included, inspired, and intentioned.” -Sue Baechler
11:33 – Marcus Buckingham uses seven powerful words to describe what all employees want from leaders: Know me, focus me, and I’ll stay.
12:36 – How deep conversation and input from everyone leads to executional excellence
13:55 – How effective game science and edu-games are for learning and how the industry is growing
17:34 – “Leading organizations have figured out that a lot of traditional training does not come close to a game environment for feedback, for retention, and results.” -Sue Baechler
18:08 – How corporate use of games is on the rise among companies like Deloitte, Google, Johnson & Johnson, T-Mobile, and Microsoft
18:59 – Game players report 99 percent post-play application of what they learn and boast increased self-efficacy
21:44 – The details of the game and how it really works
27:33 – “You can’t win the game, or in business, if everyone isn’t all in together.” -Brenda Hardesty

Links and Resources Mentioned:
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Website | The Great Work Study

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