podcast: grady lee on employee engagement through corporate social responsibility

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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Grady Lee, CEO of Give2Get, a firm that blends culture with volunteerism to help companies engage employees and give back to the community. You’ll learn the impact that giving back can have on the overall success of your organization.

You will learn:

2:14 – What makes us feel good about ourselves as human beings?

3:00 – 88% of cases of award winning work began with a worker asking themselves: What difference could I make that other people would love?

4:41 – How Grady Lee’s company, Give2Get, started and what its mission is

9:30 – How Give2Get experiences affect employee engagement

12:14 – The impact of people seeing their work being received

14:07 – The real results of giving to the community as a company

16:32 – How Give2Get works with celebrities like Drake

18:04 – How Give2Get offers connection and service opportunities at events and meeting

20:33 – How service ties in with experiential marketing



Twitter: @gv2gt


Links and Resources Mentioned:

Learn more about Grady Lee and Give2Get

Twitter: @gv2gt   | LinkedIn | gv2gt.com


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