podcast: louis efron on aligning purpose with execution for big wins

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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Louis Efron, a Forbes and Huffington Post contributor, author, and award-winning Fortune 300 HR executive. Efron is the author of the book entitled Purpose Meets Execution. In this podcast, Louis talks about the importance of organizations understanding their purpose and tying it to every part of their execution.

You will learn:
2:29 – The difference between knowing how to get stuff done and knowing why you’re doing it
4:21 – Why Louis Efron decided to write his book entitled Purpose Meets Execution
5:22 – “When you really know why you exist, what you’re doing, above and beyond making money, and then add executional excellence to that, you can accelerate engagement, drive your profits, become sustainable, and just really win.”
5:40 – Louis addresses the connection between purpose and execution and the gap he sees between the two
7:41 – The danger of executing for execution’s sake
8:30 – Good examples and bad examples of companies who excel at execution and understanding of purpose
11:38 – Louis talks about how companies can evaluate purpose and execution
12:41 -“Ninety percent of to-do lists are not adding value from an ROI perspective to organizations”
16:19 – How communication is the backbone of any management strategy
18:30 – How understanding of purpose has always been in the DNA of successful organizations
20:39 – How all generations care about working for a bigger purpose
24:43 – Who can benefit most from Louis Efron’s book
26:37 – How to get a copy of the book

Links and Resources Mentioned:
Learn more and connect with Louis Efron
LinkedIn | louisefron.com | purposemeetsexecution.com

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