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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Scott Schwertly, CEO of Ethos3 and author of How to Be a Presentation God and What’s Your Presentation Persona? In this podcast, Scott shares the importance of understanding and learning from your “presentation persona,” the Badge Assessment, and the impact of understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a presenter in order to improve.

You will learn:
2:01 – How important it is to know how to be a good presenter, regardless of your industry
2:57 – To ask yourself: “What am I like when I present?”
3:09 – Something you didn’t realize about yourself when it comes to your presentation persona
4:05 – What a presentation persona is
5:05 – How and when Scott started analyzing presentation personas
7:07 – What to do once you determine your “badge” or presentation persona
7:34 – The four quadrants that contain the 16 profiles
9:19 – Why self awareness is so important
9:53 – Self awareness is one of those concepts that doesn’t get enough attention these days. From a practical business standpoint, that’s one of the traits I look for in any new employee.
11:38 – Which profile is the most well-rounded of the presentation personas
12:04 – Any great presentation is a conversation. Great presenters are those that are authentic and that are true to themselves.
16:25 – How taking the test will help you be a better presenter regardless of the type and frequency of your presentations
20:14 – Who will benefit the most from Scott’s book What’s Your Presentation Persona?
21:38 – How you can learn more about Scott Schwertly, his company, and his book

Links and Resources Mentioned:
Learn more and connect with Scott Schwertly
| LinkedIn | ethos3.com

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