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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Sonia Johnson, Executive President and Founder of Society for Employee Relations. Johnson has had over 18 years of experience, specializing in employee relations, labor relations, human resources and dispute resolution.

You will learn:
4:20 – What the company “Society for Employee Relations” is.
4:42 – Focused on helping employees relate to organizational goals.
6:30 – Are our various beliefs good or bad for an organization?
7:49 – When we encourage diversity in the workplace, it leads to greater creativity, greater financial outcomes and makes the workplace better.
8:00 – Allowing healthy political and religious discussion in the workplace helps employees have a better understanding of one another and have less negative assumptions.
12:32 – What is the best managerial strategy when politics and religion are brought up in the workplace?
14:36 – What can employees do in situations where they’re pulled into political or religious conversations?
16:45 – How has social media affected the workplace environment when it comes to political and religious discussion?
17:00 – Importance of a social media policy within an organization.
18:56 – More about Society for Employee Relations and their services.

Links and Resources Mentioned:
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Learn more about: Society for Employee Relations

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