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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Stephen M. R. Covey. Mr. Covey is a sought-after keynote speaker, co-founder of CoveyLink Worldwide, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Speed of Trust. Todd speaks with Stephen on the concept of trust, its critical place in today’s world, and how to build it in three simple steps.

You will learn:

0:45 – Ask the question, “Do people trust me?”

4:29 – Where is the world today in the “trust” discussion?

4:50 – Trust is always topical and relevant because it’s the essence of how our relationships work, it’s the essence of how our markets work. It really makes the world go round.

5:10 – Learn how we’re seeing a “crisis of trust” around the world

6:12 – You can’t collaborate without trust. You can’t partner without trust. People can coordinate without trust, but there’s a difference between coordination and true collaboration, and that’s the nature of the work today.

6:25 – The sharing economy and companies that are built on trust

7:22 – The need for trust today has never been greater. Yet, the trends tend to lead us the other direction in our societies, in our institutions, and in our companies.

10:09 – The foundation of a good culture is trust.

12:19 – How has social media affected trust?

14:49 – Is trust a problem at work?

16:03 – Learn about counterfeit behavior and its monumental impact worldwide

20:52 – There’s a risk in trusting people, but there’s also a risk in not trusting people.

21:30 – One of the best ways to create trust as a leader is to give trust.

23:15 – How trust starts with trusting yourself

24:50 – The five waves of trust

26:36 – How to start the process of building trust

28:00 – A three step action process to building trust

32:45 – How to learn more about Stephen, his company, and his books

Links and Resources Mentioned:
Learn more and connect with Stephen M. R. Covey
| Twitter: @StephenMRCovey | speedoftrust.com

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