6 best practices for impactful career celebrations

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Our recent HRCI-certified webinar featured James Hilton, O.C. Tanner’s Director of Product Development and Juliana Groscost, O.C. Tanner’s Career Achievement Product Manager. During the event, the pair focused on key elements for creating impactful career celebrations that foster employee satisfaction and inspire the continuation of great work. Below are highlights from this webinar. You can also listen to the free recording.

Celebrating a career is about recognizing the great work and unique contributions an employee puts forth during their years of service within an organization. Whether it’s applauding the number of years someone has devoted to their company or shining the light on a particularly stellar accomplishment, career recognition is an under-rated, yet extremely significant way to make employees feel valued.

Research proves celebrating an employee’s service anniversary or specific career achievements is strongly correlated with increased employee satisfaction and tenure. However, it can be a daunting task for the person planning the celebration: Where to start? How best to involve coworkers? What to say?

Based on this research, and experience garnered from working with thousands of clients, these six best practices will help create impactful recognition celebrations that will reinforce your organization’s appreciation culture:

     1. Equip managers with the training and tools they need to help them understand the importance of career celebrations and creating genuine connections.

     2. Give awards or recognition via a uniquely personalized presentation that makes the recipient feel special.

     3. Plan a celebration appropriate to the number of years being celebrated and the recipient’s current career stage.

     4. Invite others to actively participate in the celebration and speak to the recipient’s career and the impact they’ve had on the organization.

     5. Prepare your remarks to drive values, appreciation, and emotional connection in ways that encourage continuation and longevity.

     6. Extend the experience to create a lasting impression, both on the recipient and on others who interact with the recipient.

To learn more, including inspiration and ideas for creating impactful career celebrations, listen to our free HRCI-certified webinar recording.

Are you ready to craft a career celebrations program? We can help.

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