become an architect of connection and culture: strategies that reinforce hr’s critical role

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Our recent HRCI certified webinar featured David Sturt, Executive Vice President of the O.C. Tanner Institute and bestselling author of Great Work: How to make a difference people love. During the event, Sturt shared the latest research around the critical role of HR leaders and why connections at all levels are driving innovation and success.

Below are highlights from this webinar. You can also listen to the free recording.

Sturt began the webinar discussing the latest research from Dave Ulrich, leading HR strategist and bestselling author of HR from the Outside In. Ulrich was also a guest speaker at O.C. Tanner’s Executive Recognition Summit held last month in Park City where executives from leading organizations across the nation gather to discuss best practices around building great work cultures. Ulrich’s research around this topic shows there are six segments of “value”—Market, Reputational, Collaborate, Strategic, Productivity, and Customer Share—that should be considered when affecting change and facilitating connection between key stakeholders (investors/owners, communities/regulators, partners/dealers, line managers, employees, and customers) from the outside in.

To determine if HR professionals are in fact driving change from the outside in, Ulrich suggests asking these questions:

  • Are we the employer of choice our customers would choose?
  • Do we involve customers in designing, attending, and delivering training and development?
  • Do our standards for effective performance match customer expectations?
  • Do we involve our customers (suppliers or investors) in allocating rewards?
  • Do our communication tools link employees and customers?
  • Have we created a leadership brand where leaders’ actions are tied to customer expectations?
  • Does our culture have the right events, patterns, and identity?

In conclusion of the webinar, Sturt emphasized how important connections are to achieving success in the work place. He also emphasized that establishing both a brand purpose and a culture of recognition are tantamount.

To learn more, including inspiration and ideas for facilitating a culture of recognition, listen to our free HRCI certified webinar recording in its entirety.

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