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Our recent HRCI-certified webinar featured Gary Peterson, Executive Vice President of Supply Chain & Production at O.C. Tanner. During the event, Gary shared compelling stories and best practice strategies for building a culture of continuous improvement.

Below are highlights from this webinar. You can also listen to the free recording.

In today’s competitive marketplace, no one has the luxury of remaining at status quo. If you don’t improve, innovate, and grow, you’ll quickly fall behind. It takes effort and work to take personal responsibility for your own growth and relevance, but it’s much more complex when you have to bring a team, department, or an entire organization along with you.

During this webinar, Gary drew on over two decades of experience with driving continuous improvement and people development of a diverse workforce. He emphasized his key strategies of communicating to his team members what really matters and inspiring each of them to realize how instrumental they are—both as a team and as an individual—to the end goal.

His recommended core strategic principles that contribute to the overall well-being of a company include:

  • Lead with Humility
  • Respect Every Individual
  • Focus on Process
  • Embrace Scientific Thinking
  • Flow and Pull Value
  • Assure Quality at the Source
  • Seek Perfection
  • Create Constancy of Purpose
  • Think Systemically

To learn more, including inspiration and ideas for facilitating engagement and creativity, listen to our free HRCI-certified webinar recording.

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Nancy McDonough

Hi, I wasn’t able to open the webinar recording. It was asking to download a program which we are not allowed to do due to risk.

Thank you

August 11, 2016   |   Reply
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