what employees really need to innovate and produce great work

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Open workspaces. Daycare and workout facilities in the office. Free meals in the cafeteria. Ping pong tables and slides in the office. The latest trend in the workplace is to provide employees with new and exciting “work perks” to get them to be more creative and innovative. At the same time, companies are agonizing about how many pay raises, bonuses, and promotions are needed to drive employees to do great work.

But do these things really drive innovation, productivity, customer satisfaction, sales?

In our recent webinar, Dr. Trent Kaufmann shared new research from the O.C. Tanner Institute on what managers and companies can really do to cause employees to do great work. Here are 3 findings from the research:

1)     Without any aiding or prompting, employees said recognition is the #1 thing a manager or company can do to cause them to do great work. Other top things employees mentioned are inspiring them and giving them autonomy. Few mentioned raises or promotions.


2)     What causes great work changes as employees age. Recognition and pay is very important for employees under 35, whereas employees 35-44 want to be recognized and given autonomy, and those 45-54 years of age want recognition and feel self motivated.

3)     Employees who consistently perform well and do great work are more likely to work at organizations with excellent recognition practices than organizations with excellent benefits, promotions, raises, bonuses, and work perks (like on-site daycare and gyms, free food in the cafeteria, open work spaces, etc.).

It doesn’t have to be complex – the act of simple recognition can cause your employees to perform and be innovative better than any investment in promotions, raises, benefits, and work perks.

Read more and see other recognition trends for 2015 in our Orange Paper, 5 Recognition Trends for 2015.

If you missed the webinar, you can listen to the free recording for more details on how to create a culture where great work thrives.

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Cathy Maddox

Are we able to get the entire presentation from the webinar? I would like to show some of the statistics to my manager. Thank you.

January 21, 2015   |   Reply
O.C. Tanner

Thanks for attending the webinar Cathy. We’re glad you found the research insightful. Unfortunately, we don’t share the slides but you can listen to the full recording where you can view the slides.

January 22, 2015   |   Reply
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