why every company should be using performance recognition

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Our recent webinar featured Dr. Trent Kaufman, Executive Vice President and Partner of the Cicero Group, a national market research and strategy consulting firm. During the webinar, Dr. Kaufman shared results of a global, cross-generational research that shows the impact of recognizing great work on employees’ drive and determination, work relationships, engagement, innovation, and work output. Below are some highlights from the webinar.

This new global research explores not only the impact of recognizing an employee’s performance on how they feel but also how they work. The research found 5 surprising things:

1)      Strongly recognized employees have more drive and determination, a stronger connection to their company, better work relationships, and improved sense of personal standing than employees receiving weak recognition.

2)      Employees receiving strong performance recognition are much more likely to innovate by:

 • Generating more ideas to improve products, services, or systems
 • Proactively seeking new ways of doing things to improve efficiency
 • Working at their highest capacity 

3)      Companies that have strong performance recognition are more likely to be innovative than companies that do not.

4)      Employees who are strongly recognized are significantly more likely to have a strong relationship with their managers. Also, managers who frequently recognize employees report stronger relationships with their direct reports.

5)      Performance recognition has a greater impact on all of the above than a 5% bonus.

While performance recognition helps employees feel more engaged with their work and their company, it also helps employees do better, more innovative work. To learn more, including details of the methodology used in the research, listen to our free webinar recording or download the white paper.

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