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While a few hours of activity a day sounds like a daunting challenge, it is not when you reverse the equation. If someone told you to avoid 23 hours of inactivity per day, I assume you would agree with this advice wholeheartedly. Yet without some deliberate effort, it is easy to spend 23 hours a day sitting, sleeping, and moving slowly.

Study your distribution of activity for one of your typical days. Start with the easy math and add up how much time you spend sitting each day. Do everything possible to reduce that number. Then focus on doing anything that gets your heart beating a little faster than normal.

Any workout will burn calories. However, as your level of intensity increases, you continue burning calories for many hours after your workout ends. New research suggests that vigorous activity could increase the total benefit of a workout by nearly 50 percent over the duration of an entire day. When participants in an experiment rode a stationary bicycle at high intensity for 45 minutes, the exercise itself burned about 420 calories. Yet what is most interesting is that over the next 14 hours, the participants burned 190 additional calories on average.

When you exercise, push yourself to the point where it would be hard to have a conversation. Or use a heart rate monitor to ensure you are in the right target zone. If you can get to this point for much of the workout, your body will continue to benefit for hours after you exercise.

Replace chips, crackers, and snack bars with nuts, seeds, apples, celery, and carrots.

Always leave the serving dishes in the kitchen; don’t bring them to the table.

Get a full hour of vigorous activity to burn calories all day long.

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