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Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. When a workplace culture is one that values employee wellbeing, the research tells us the benefits like higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, improved collaboration and that employees stay longer. This is good for employees as well as the bottom line.

Yet, many organizations struggle to know how to effectively put wellbeing programs into practice in a way to truly realize these benefits. How do you use wellbeing to shape your company culture?  There are three patterns we see from those that have successfully used wellbeing to shape their company culture:

1) They know their company culture and align everything to core values. It begins with asking questions. To your employees, ask what makes them tick, what motivates them, why they like working for your company and why they don’t. Basecamp understands their culture and have designed employee experiences around these shared values – their employees are happy working remotely, which also happens to tie in nicely with their value prop. WD-40 incorporates their core values into their recruiting efforts to foster a stronger sense of employee wellbeing.

2) Leadership that authentically models core values and practices recognition. Bosses who say, ‘thank you’ are 87% more likely to have a strong relationship with their teams. When we see our leaders live their company’s core values, we are more inclined to follow them, to give our best effort. Leaders who recognize their teams for great work contribute positively to their employee’s overall sense of wellbeing. Simple leadership habits that will make a big impact on employee wellbeing include: encouraging team members to take lunch and not eat at their desk (physical recharge, social connection), inviting team members to participate in walking meetings (physical exercise, outdoor stimulus), create space in meetings where it’s safe to stand up and stretch (movement stirs fresh thinking), offer grace for people to leave a little early from time to time to show them you respect their personal time.

3) Creating daily success routines where employees can learn and track healthy habit-building behaviors. Innovative companies like HP and Bank of America leverage wellbeing applications that scale across their employee population. Technologies like Wellbeing powered by Virgin Pulse deliver a simple and effective “Learn-Do-Become” behavior change model and powers daily routines that inspire employees to become their best, every day. Leveraging technology that scales across the enterprise allows employees to learn how they are doing and team up with other employees to make healthy choices every day. And healthier employees are more productive and motivated to do great work across your company.

Successful companies take steps to ensure employees feel a high sense of wellbeing in a way that reinforces their values and company culture. By building wellbeing into every part of your organization, you help employees feel their best, bring their best, and do their best work for you.

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