17 things worth giving thanks for

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It’s November. A bad month for turkeys, but a pretty good one for airlines, cranberry growers and people (like me) who think pumpkin pie is the best breakfast on the planet.

This season of Thanksgiving is an especially good time to reflect on the things we’re grateful for. At O.C. Tanner, we could name a hundred things. But 17 will probably do.

  1. We are amazed by people who do things better than, strictly speaking, they have to. The good-enough-is-not-good-enough folks. The go-the-extra-milers. It’s a privilege just being around colleagues and co-workers like that. They up our game.
  2. Texas Roadhouse. And Pepsi Co. And American Express. And the thousands of others we’ve helped grow (and who make us great too.)
  3. Post-it notes (in stop motion)
  4. The story that Jim Olson told at a Executive Recognition Summit about how a painted rock took on rock-star recognition status for employees of KFC.
  5. Inspired silliness.
  6. Contrarians. The naysayers and dissenters. Because people who don’t agree with the way we think sometimes ”¦ change the way we think.
  7. TED talks. We’re fans. It’s simply “jaw dropping” (to use a TED term) to have access to the best thoughts from the brightest minds anytime. For free. Here’s one that’s inspired our own conversations about great work: Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert on “Why We Are Happy.”
  8. Leaders like Naval commander Mike Abrashoff, former caption of the USS Benfold, who tries to recruit his crew members every day, even though they’re already onboard.
  9. Appreciation Buttons! They make us happy. So they make the list.
  10. People who keep their word. Who do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
  11. Appreciation, street-style. Say Something Nice, New York!
  12. Our founder. The original recognition guy. 84 years ago, Obert had a hunch that appreciation mattered. And that people craved being recognized in symbolic and meaningful ways. Turns out, he was right.
  13. Great work goodness from Zappos whose employees might answer the phone with:  “Hi, I’m Sandra and today I’ve got on yellow tights.  How’s your day going?”
  14. The sound of applause.
  15. “Do try to think of other people. There are so many of them.” ”“ the Dalai Lama
  16. Air quote mittens. “No kidding.” Yay, Kate Spade.
  17. Pumpkin pie for breakfast.
Have a happy holiday!
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