a holiday HR shout-out

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In honor of all the things human resources does to make the holidays festive

’tis just before Christmas, a good time to cheer

for the folks who put “merry” in this time of year

to the procurers of turkeys, the gift-giving stars

the catering wranglers: those folks in H.R.

for in each corporate culture where traditions loom large

where magic’s created: HR is in charge.

have you noticed the wreaths? the trees trimmed anew?

how the lunchroom’s a-twinkle? yup, that’s HR too.

and who orchestrates gifting the what, where and when?

(wait for it”¦ wait for it”¦. ) HR again.

and yay for the parties! the buffets and the brunches

the coworker potluck and holiday lunches

hooray for the raffles and charities chosen

for fruit baskets given and hams, fresh or frozen.

yes, thanks awesome planners (you know who you are)

santa has elves; companies have HR

let’s give it up then for the planning it takes

to created valued experiences and know the difference it makes.

By pamela mason davey
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